Fortis Green Socks

Colour meets luxury with Fortis Green’s boutique collection of men’s dress socks.

Brand founder Ray Willmoth was a resident of Fortis Green, North London for over a decade while working in men’s accessories design. Inspired to start his own range of luxury socks, Ray returned to Melbourne to launch Fortis Green.  

Fortis Green’s signature range of men’s socks are knitted from the finest Egyptian cotton and built to luxury specifications. Our current collection has been inspired by a series of iconic Art Deco posters from the 1920's and '30s. We use timeless, masculine colour combinations that have a highly sartorial edge, but are easy to co-ordinate with any man’s outfit.

Designed in Melbourne and manufactured in Portugal, Fortis Green’s boutique range of men’s socks are exclusively knitted for us by one of Europe’s most technically proficient manufacturers, allowing us to utilise the latest in innovative production practices to enhance every sock feature.