Médie 100ml


A blithe journey with a citrus heart.

Creation: Yann Vasnier

Sensuality: A freshness that runs on the skin, leaving a desirable trace of amber and leather on the surface.

Médie is a symphony of citrus: the perfume’s roots evoke the Antiquity and the kingdom of Alexander the Great, under which the province of Médie abounded with rare citruses. An oasis of freshness, Médie encapsulates the very heart of the fruit where citrus, spices and aromatic notes blend. 

In addition, bright green scents are combined with clear amber and woody notes, warmed up by a touch of incense. Composed like a citrus fragrance with an aromatic finish, Médie leaves a vibrant bitterness in the air.


Grapefruit, Green mandarin, Sambac jasmine


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